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      IDC: Worldwide Cloud System & Service Management Software Market Shares, 2018: Multicloud Strategies Take the Lead


      This new report from IDC discusses the 2018 worldwide cloud system and service management software market, once again positioning VMware as a market leader with the highest revenue and market share. The report not only provides the revenue numbers and market shares, but also offers an insight into why VMware is the key player and a strategic partner in this market. Per the report, “VMware's rapidly growing cloud management SaaS portfolio, as well as continued adoption of the vRealize Suite and the SDDC Manager included with VMware Cloud Foundation, positioned the company as a major cloud system and service management vendor in 2018.”


      Download this report for the latest data on:
      - Vendor revenue and market share
      - Growth rates of the leading vendors
      - Growth rates for the total market from 2017 to 2018
      - Revenue shares by region, deployment type, and functional market segment

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